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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

More photos of the Shetland Black Hawk in for restoration

Now the seats are removed there is more space to work in the cockpit

A simple battery set up which will need up dating to make it more user friendly

Simple switch board that will need sorting and making good and removing from the toilet compartment

Thirty year old wiring that will need renew to been it up to date and safe 

Wiring will need sorting and making safe and able to be run correctly round the boat

Hardy Navigator now ready to go back afloat

The Hardy Navigator now ready to go and get back on the water for Easter

The engine is now seviced and the propeller repaired and now all it needs in water.

Shetland Black Hawk in for restoration

The black hawk is in a bit of a state, but with a little and money the Shetland Black hawk to go to sea again

The dashboard is a little bare at the moment, it has to have a few instruments fitted as part of the restoration  

A new gear shift backing pad to be fitted to take the gear shift control unit

The outboard that is going to be fitted to the back of the boat once the new trailer is collected and the trailers are changed over.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Starting to fit the Shaft log back in the Classic yacht

Cleaning up the top face of the hog  ready to start to fit the new shaft log into position

Fitting over the ribs,however need to take a little more of the cut outs around the ribs to ensure it fit correctly down of the top face of the hog

Looking to part now it is sitting in position with a bit of final shaping to fit down into position

Starting to fit the mast support and the front thwart in the Mai-Star Class dinghy

Fittting the top mast support to the inside faces of the gunwale 

Now that the edges are planned down it is time to start fitting the forward thwart. However just got to fit the thwart stringer to the inside of the hull and then will be able to fit all the thwarts and seats to the stringers.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Back on the classic yacht repairs

Starting work on the classic yacht garboard planks and its shaft log replacement

Set up the mobile workshop in the back of my large van which is ideal for doing small repair on the road and away from the workshop

Starting to fit the first of the two garboard planks that renewing because of the rotten and damaged shaft log and its rusted away fixings

The fitting is taking some time as there are many different angles to shape the plank to fit the gap between the hog and the second plank on the hull.

Major leak problem a piece of missing hog, this gap was filled with sealant before, this time it will have a new piece fitted to ensure there is no leak in this area in the future.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Making up knee and breasthook patterns

Making  stern quarter knee patterns, now got to make the real thing and fit them

The breast hook, this will prove interesting when it comes to fitting it, long screws through the planks and gunwales.  

Making the thwarts and seats for Mai-Star Class dinghy

Cutting and thicknessing the thwarts and seats top mast support 

Putting them in position on the dinghy to see how them measure up and look before gluing them up 

The first three pieces glued up 

Now once them have cured and set, then glue the other three and then make up the edging pieces which on this dinghy are going to be made out of either oak or ash.  

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Mai Star Class dinghy gunwale infills and making the blanks up to make the thwarts

Fitting the gunwale infills for the mast support and the front seat and also done the rowlock base infills further down the gunwales as well

Making up the hardwood blanks for the forward seat and mast support 

The gunwale infills finished off  and the long baton setting off the measurements for thew seats and thwarts.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Now the snow as gone its time to get back to work

Now the snow as gone and the yard is clean its time to make the best of weather.

now that the Mai-Star Class dinghy is back in the workshop it is time to get the fitting out underway and get the dinghy finished off

The same with the Enterprise as this needs to get finished off and be taken back to its owner so he can sail it in the spring

The Hardy just needs a few jobs doing and that will be on its way as wel.

The Shetland is finished off and awaiting its new owner

Spoilting off the new planks for the classic yacht we are repairing  and once finished off it too will be back in the water ready for the new season.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Snow stops play for a few days?

This is the scene I wake up to this morning and the roads are not much better. The drive to work is not good either.

So it is going to be a day working in the home office and sort out some admin 

So as soon as this cold weather goes, it will be all hands to the planes and sandpaper to get the work done down at the yard and workshop and get the boats ready for Easter