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Friday, 24 March 2017

Work coming along well on the Enterprise and restoration work on a tried Shetland Family Four Motor Cruiser

The deck on the Enterprise dinghy are coming along well with the last of the very thinned down coats of varnish being applied. 

The grain of the plywood is now filled and now the surface can be sanded to a flat finish and the varnish depth can now be build up.

The inside and the bottom panels of the dinghy have been given a good cleaning so the bottom can be primed with yacht primer before the bottom panels are re-painted with anti slip paint

Now it as been cleaned both the bottom and the side panels the varnish work can be sanded down to bare wood where necessary 

The Shetland Family Four Cruiser is now getting a good cleaning on the outside before compounding and polishing the hull and superstructure

 The hull and superstructure now cleaned and now waiting to dry off before compounding and polishing the boat and doing the odd gelcoat repair. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Restoring a tried Shetland Family Four and get it back into commission for the summer

Much of the work on the Shetland Family Four is cosmetic and will be straight forward to sort out 

A good polish of the hull and superstructure and a coat of fresh antifouling paint on the bottom  

The inside is where the most work will need doing apart from the need for new cabin windows 

It is going to need a new set of cabin side linings as well as a new roof lining panel that need re-covering 

A new cooker will be needed 

The cushions should be ok however the cockpit cushions will need renewing and the electrics will need upgrading to meet today's standards. 

When this is all done then a new engine will be fitted and the boat will be sea trailed to ensure all is working OK.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Finally got the quadrants finished off and started on the next project

Got the most difficult quadrant sorted and sealed down

It as been a long job and at time difficult however the end result is worth the time

The next project to restore this old Enterprise to its former glory

Find a spot and start there

One job well on its way the decks with a fresh coat of varnish.

Monday, 20 March 2017

First coats of thinned varnish on the decks

Today the first coats of thinned varnish were applied to the decks and they have come up quiet well after they were sanded back to bare wood.

Just a lot more coats to go before the thicker coats of varnish can be applied

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Sanding the decks of the Enterprise

 Sanding back the decks to bare wood

After the first sanding 

 Same being done to the foredeck

 Coming up to a good surface

Foredeck coming back to a good condition, just need a lot more sanding  before several coats of varnish 

Friday, 17 March 2017

End of a fruitful week with a number of jobs done and others underway.

After removing the last of the lead ingots it was found that a few of the ribs are in renewing as time and ill fitting ingots had done their damage to the surface of the ribs

These are two of the badly damaged ribs in the lower part of the bilge near the centreboard case.

The area of the bilge down by the side of the centreboard case now cleaned of the water and the loose dirt

A whole lot better just a quick cleaning with a washing up liquid and sponge and a scrubbing brush   

Same job here and then un

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ongoing busy week with a number of jobs getting done

The second long length of quadrant being fitted on the 1960's ketch

One length carefully screwed and sealed down now ready to have the screw holes plugged with hardwood plugs

Front part of the plank ready to be fitted  

The front part of the top plank starting to be fitted

Almost there just the joint to be cut and glued together, then it will be ready to caulk and putty up the seam and paint the top plank