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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Starting the service on the Johnson 4 hp

These are the contents of the fuel tank, a mixture old petrol and oil and water and dirt

The inside of the carburetor was a mixture of waxy substance and dirt.   

also the non return valve in the fuel line from the tank was put in the wrong  way round, so It is very unlikely this engine as run for a long time.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Outboard servicing and even more varnishing

This is the first of five outboards we have in for servicing at the moment, they range from simple small servicing on a two stoke outboards and oil gearbox oil changes to full four stoke outboard motor servicing with fuel and oil filter changes  

The hardy Navigator doors and hatch are coming along well as the coats start to build up

The cabin table had to have the stain varnish removed to being back the true colour of the table which had nothing wrong with it and is now being varnished like the rest of the wooden items on the Hardy Navigator.

Friday, 21 April 2017

The hardy Navigator getting a good first compounding in three years

The Hardy Navigator getting a good compounding after being washed down to get rid of the surface dirt and now getting a good compounding with G3 compounding paste One side down and what a difference it makes to its overall appearance. 

Now for the other side after about an hour the port side was starting to look more like the starboard side

The end result a good shiny hull again. 

Nowfor the second stage to compound it again with G6 Compounding paste and then a coat of marine polish to set the shine in place.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The cockpit quadrants now finished and getting their coats of varnish and the next job to do is to make a couple of lockers to fit under the bridge deck in the galley area

The cockpit quadrants are now finished and the owner is now coating them with varnish 

This job took a lot of patience and shaping of quadrants to make them fit correctly and look the part. 

This area of the galley the owner wants to make into usable space for plates and other cooking essentials   

Now comes the brain storming part to make a mock up of the finished lockers then make up the real thing once the owner signs off on the design.

The cabin doors and sliding hatch getting the J-Star Boat Services restoration treatment

The doors and hatch in position in the boat waiting to get removed to the workshop

The inside surface carefully sanded back to bare wood and the surface colour even out to be the same colour all over and then the first of 12 coats of varnish applied 

The same treatment done on the outside surface of the doors and hatch and a rich teak colour as been restored and the first of the 12 coats of varnish as been applied  

Possibly the first time these doors have looked like this since the boat left Hardy Marine over 30 years ago 

A long way to go in the restoration of the boat, however it is a good start to the process.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

a rare chance to get out on the water for the boss

Having doing some work of the yacht I was able to have a few relaxing moments on this client's yacht. At least for an hour while I sorted out a few minor rigging points

The Hardy Navigator getting a new least of life care of J-Star Boat Services

The cabin doors and sliding hatch have been give a new lease of life with a good rubbing down and fresh coats of varnish to been out the bext in the wood.

The upper works on the boat are now starting to look a lot more like the boat she used to be before being left to be forgotten by her owner.

One side cleaned and now the turn of the other side to get the same treatment

It is amazing what a bit of cleaner and a pressure washer can do in the right hands

The cockpit is still in need of cleaning, however, we are getting there slowly