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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A busy start to the week and lot more to come to get done over the week.

As it was finished last week with the whole of the bottom scraped and underwater primed 

The hull was polished and then the first coat of fresh antifouling was applied  

Looking a lot better than she did a month or so  ago 

Just got to get a new steering cable and some new turnbuckles for the canopy and she will be back on her moorings again

Making a start on the GRP repairs on the dinghy and finishing off the wood trim and then it will be ready for a new coat of paint on the Hull.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

A busy Saturday Morning getting work back on track after a crazy week

Getting the scarf cut on the second plank for Jasmine  

Laying out the plank on the bench so I can plane the land bevel on before making the first dry fit to see if the correct amount of bevel is on the plank land

Once the pplank for Jasmine was sorted out it was outside in the yard to polish the hull of the Hardy Navigator "Me Time" The first good compounding and polishing the Boat as had in 3 years and it look better for it. 

After scarping the bottom of any loose antifouling gave the bottom a light sanding and thern applied a coat of underwater primer to create a barrier between the old and new antifouling 

Last, but least the restoration of an old GRP dinghy which as a new centre thwart and just got to fit the quarter and bow knees and the new wood trim will be complete. 

Friday, 16 June 2017

Busy day on Jasmine getting her planks in on both sides

Second plank forward scarf dry fitted 

Port side all nailed up ready to by cliched up over the weekend

Going to be  a long day 

Once the cliching is done then the new deck can get glued and screwed in position

Another couple pf rows of nails to be cliched up next week the joys of clinker build boats

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Busy Friday down at the Boatyard

Putting in two new turn of bilge planks in this Halcyon dinghy   

It is now off its trailer and up at a good working height to fit the new planks in position 

Work is coming along on the Shetland Family four with new wiring in the cabin and cockpit and a new floor in the middle locker to place the fuel tank on and fitting a new battery compartment out and making up new battery leads to run from the battery locker to the cabin.  

The Hardy Navigator now as its rope fender back in place and the boat is being raised up on the trailer so that the bottom can be cleaned and re-antifouled  

A number of different boats of different sizes in the yard to have different amounts o work done on them from simple refits to full on restorations  

Marking out the planks for the Halcyon dinghy 

Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Hardy Navigator now getting its rope fender refitted and the cabin cleared out and cleaned down and the new varnished doors and hatch refitted

The Hardy Navigator as now got its rope fender back in place and just needs tightening and the lanyards need putting through the rope fender around the foredeck area to support the rope fender.
Also in this photo it can be seen the doors and hatch now refitted in position and shining in the sunshine  and far cry from when the boat came to us to have this refit.

Although it can not be seen in this photo there was a new rope fender support rail fitted as the old support rail was broken.

Looking a lot cleaner and tidy with a few more jobs to do such as re-antifouling the bottom and a new steering cable as the old steering cable had seized through lack of owner maintenance.  

The job is coming along well and on target to be returned to its owner in about three weeks time so he can go out cruising and fishing.

Jasmine returning to the boatyard for a new deck and two new planks and few other small jobs

Jasmine returned to the boatyard for a few jobs which include a new deck.
Having removed the old deck the apprentices cut the new deck to shape and masked up the beams positions and varnished the under side of the deck to seal the plywood from underneath.

A lot of varnishing was done so that the deck could go on as soon as possible

While the deck was being varnished the new aft locker bulkheads were being fitted and then cut down to the correct height 

Starting to fit the aft deck 

Laying the foredeck panels down in place and getting ready to cut the joints to fit them together once the new king plank is fitted under the foredeck to fix the foredeck down too when the foredeck is cut to size.

A couple of photos of the two planks that need replacing, the same plank on both sides and for the same length.

Once these jobs are done then it will be fitting two new cockpit coamings and then all the seats and thwarts and the deck fittings and finally the rubbing strakes.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

The old dinghy now as a new set of gunwales and rubbing strakes and a coat of varnish

The gunwales and strakes are now done apart from the bow piece and as its first coat of varnish

One major step forward, now its the turn of the rowlock blocks and the thwart next

Varnishing the thwart and transom pad for rhe outboard  so they will be ready to go on next week

Clamping the rowlock blocks into position 

Bolted in position, just the holes to drill and then fit the rowlock plates in position